Sunset on Collins Ave

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Sunset on Collins Ave

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Sunset behind the famed hotels of Miami Beach: the Delano (redesigned by Starck -- I love the original windows), the National, The Sagamore, The DiLido (closed for renovation) and the Ritz-Carlton.

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Anonymous said...

So I'm getting ready for bed, laying out my clothes and doing a last minute check of email. Before closing down for the night I look up "lossers in architecture." To my surprise right below my own name, your blogs jumps up on my screen. "Holy shit" I thought, "I know this dork." I must leave something.....thinking about what to write I leave this little tid-bit....
I thought UWSt was a selective school WTF, how did you get in???

Love, Who am I

Andrew J. Faulkner said...

Well, I would say that although WUSTL is selective, it certainly didn't hurt to be able to spell simple words like "loser" correctly in my personal statement...

How is designing suburban cul-de-sac signs going for you?

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