October Site Updates

I added the following books to my library:

Unlike the following, this book is a fairly easy read on the topic of the role of architecture in regards to rampant capitalism. Should architects actively consider their work as "product" or "holistic branding" (ie sell out like Kevin Erwin Kelley) or maintain a more skeptical view of the carnival of commodification while attempting to position the concrete elements of the built environment in opposition to unchecked consumption? BONUS: Great introduction by Kenneth Frampton

I tend to read multiple books at the same time. One advantage of this is it helps me to draw serendipitous parallels between divergent texts. Another advantage is it allows me to take a mental break after running my cerebrum at a wall for a hundred pages. Like Henri LeFebvre's Urban Revolution this is one of those books. Two essays written a period apart by Negri, referring to earlier writings, many of which were written while he was in jail in Italy, (some are non-existant) this writing examines the importance of time in Marxist thought within the framework of Italian post-Marxism. Difficult enough perhaps to begin with the sheer prolixity and demanding concepts ensure that I will probably be nursing this one through New Years but I have gained some valuable insights so far... BONUS: Sexy cover that has no relation whatsoever to the thought inside!

The classic mental gymnastics of one of the most original thinkers of the past century, this collection of essays uses the paintings of the surrealist Réné Magritte to argue that, within the system of Modern thought, people falsely equate mere visual representation with reality. I find this question quite pertinent in these current times of War received by video feed and government by dubious proxy. Perhaps the scandalous antics of the present administration are just the defining culmination of modern systems of thought in action? Terrifying! BONUS: confuse the hell out of fellow passengers on the metro/bus/plane etc who are convinced that there is indeed a pipe on the cover!

I'm aware that most of you have probably read this already... we'll I haven't so cut me some slack!

Also, if there are any books you would like to recommend please leave them in the comments section as I love a new read.

In addition I added the following blogs and journals to the links bar:

  • Freedom of Spoke

  • A good friend from high school is riding over 3,000 miles from California to St. Augustine Florida on his bike to raise money for research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This is his blog.

  • Abstract Dynamics

  • Adam Ash

  • AnArchitecture

  • Street Use
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    Holy Crap! How do have time to keep this up. think I forgot to feet my cat, and you have a great blog.

    People like you make me sick!!!

    Oh BTW, if you have a moive series at WUSTL, please include the following:

    Vampire Lovers (1970) Great for a cult, October film!!! You must check it out.

    In the mean time, I going to check some of these books out. I found reading is great when its not due for class!

    Take care.

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