A Return to a Life More Considered?

Friday, 15 May 2009 marks my graduation from Washington University with a double masters degree in architecture and urban design. Not coincidentally this should also mark my return to blogging. I feel not unlike a bear emerging from hibernation at this point. My composition is still stiff and slightly awkward, my locution sluggish and peppered by jargon. I had hoped to be able to write more during my education, but involvements in numerous initiatives in academia and in the community conspired with the jealous mistress of studio to monopolize every hour of free time. Perhaps this was for the best since the numbness of sleep deprivation does not make for satisfying composition. In any case, I look forward to reflecting over some of my more transformational experiences now that I have a modicum of distance from them and I also look forward to resuming several of my stalled writing projects and beginning several new projects in the coming months.

One major project which has reached fruition is a curated display of thesis projects from eight students in my graduating class. I selected these projects to emphasize efforts in radical adaptive re-use and re-imagining current development in the city of Saint Louis. The event will be held in the community as an effort to incite dialogue between a diverse group of designers, residents, developers and politicians.

Please come if you are able!

Reconsidering Saint Louis: Forming a New Future

1400 North Market Street (at the corner of North Market and N. 14th Street)
Thursday May 14, 2009
From 6PM-9PM

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